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Daisy - Chrysanthemum Flowers

Lemon DaisyMixed Daisy ChrysiesPink Mauvy DaisyPurple DaisyRed DaisyTwo Tone Daisy

These sun-loving flowers have been garden favorites for centuries. They bloom in summer and fall in all colors except blue, and flowers range from the immense, showy Florists' Chrysanthemum to button-sized. The foliage has divided leaves with a strong scent. Use in borders or containers for cut flowers.

The common name 'Daisy' usually refers to some kind Chrysanthemum, and "mums", to the fall-blooming hybrids sold in florists' shops. There are many other types as well, including annuals, perennials and subshrubs. Some of these are not called Chrysanthemums because the genus has been divided.

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