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Santini - Chrysanthemum Flowers

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Chrysanthemums have been intensively bred for centuries, resulting in a number of cut flower forms. The most common are sprays, with several flowers per stem, which come in every colour, except blue. These are tremendously popular cut flowers due to their bright colours and long vase life. In 2004 they were rated #3 on the Dutch Flower Auction system.

The other main chrysanthemum type are called ‘disbuds’, which consist of one large flower per stem. Instead of letting the plant produce side shoots which would each bear flowers, as in sprays, all these shoots are removed, leaving only one central stem, which produces one large flower. All the energy of the plant is directed into this bud which then grows to a huge size. Blooms come in many different forms, many looking very like dahlias. Some are tight petalled, with all the petals curling upwards. Some have loose petals which look like spider legs, hence the common name ‘spiders’.

Large breeders include Royal Van Zanten (Holland & UK), Fides (Holland), and Serres de Oisseme (France). Check these breeders’ websites for more information.

Chrysanthemums tend to be grown in glasshouses or polyhouses, and like roses, the main areas of production have become more southern – Spain and Africa for Europe and South America. In Australia they are grown close to the capital cities, particularly in Victoria (Dandenong Ranges and Mornington Peninsula) due to the relatively cool climate with low humidity.

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