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Spider - Chrysanthemum Flowers

Spider - Chrysanthemum Flowers, Heidenreich's FlowersA spider chrysanthemum has very distinct flowers, which sets it apart from the rest. Spider chrysanthemums’ flowers have many rows of petals which are very long and narrow, and which completely cover the center of the flower. The inner petals are shorter and go up, curving themselves around the center and concealing it. The rest of the petals stick out and give this flower its very particular shape. Some varieties of spider chrysanthemum are “Yellow Rayonnante,” “Pietro” and “Tokio” and “Magdalena.”

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Taking Care of your Spider Chrysanthemum

In order to take good care of your spider chrysanthemum, you should take into account the following conditions for its growth:


Spider chrysanthemum enjoys well-drained soil, with a high content of compost or other organic material, which serve as fertilizer and to increase the level of acidity in the soil. If your soil is not acid (if it has too much clay), add an extra amount of compost when planting.

Spider - Chrysanthemum Flowers, Heidenreich's Flowers


Spider chrysanthemum should receive a minimum of four hours of direct sunlight per day. Plant them in a sunny spot and try to plant them in a place where they will be sheltered from the wind as well (when the flowers open they can get too big and heavy, so you will also need to tie them to a rod to keep them upright.


Spider chrysanthemum likes being well watered. They are plants that need a lot of water to thrive and produce spectacular flowers. Water well, especially if it is hot. To prevent water evaporation, you can add some mulching, which will not only retain moisture, but it will also serve to acidify the soil (you can use compost, wood chips or pine needles for this purpose).


You should fertilize your spider chrysanthemum every fifteen days until the floral buttons start swelling and growing. Use liquid fertilizer especially prepared for flowering and water the plants with it.

Disease Control:

Spider chrysanthemum can be especially prone to a disease known as grey mold, which can affect any part of the plant, but especially the leaves and stems. To avoid it, try to keep the conditions mentioned above and do not plant chrysanthemums too close together. This will allow air to circulate, which will reduce the chances of mold.

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