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Traditional - Chrysanthemum Flowers

Chrysanthemum Flowers - Heidenreich's FlowersThe traditional chrysanthemum flower is not only showy and beautiful, but it holds a specific connotation in various cultures. With chrysanthemums in garden, you can enjoy colorful blooms even during the falls.

Chrysanthemum is the second most popular flower in the floral industry next to rose. For gardening enthusiasts, chrysanthemum is an autumn beauty. Let's try to look at the basic information about chrysanthemums.


Chrysanthemum Flower Arrangements

Chrysanthemum bouquets are long lasting and graceful. Regarding chrysanthemum flower arrangements, you can do so by using only mums (single and bi-color types) or mixing with rose, gerbera and fillers. Also incorporate seasonal foliage in the arrangement to create a green color background. If you are making a centerpiece, select a bowl that complements the flower colors that you have chosen.

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